E.ITEC India Power Connection

Design and manufacture of complete solutions for high electrical power transport systems and water treatments

You have a project,
E.ITEC® India Power Connection Ltd. has the solution

ARC.ITEC™ • Power supply for electrical furnaces

  • Water-cooled cables, delta tubes, conducting arms, omnibus tubes, electrodes pads and clamps, HV bus ducts
  • Steel making, electrometallurgy, foundries, glass factories, plasma furnaces, graphitisation, refractories, ...

ITEC.BAR™ • High and low voltage busducts

  • Power bus ducts, plug-in bus ducts, vertical risers, lighting bus ducts
  • Substations, cogeneration, glassworks, oil and gas, data centers, renewable energies, waste treatments, steel works, hospitals, services sector, ...

INDUS.ITEC™ • Specific electrical connections

  • HIgh flexible câbles, braids connexions, laminated connexions, machined and welded assemblies, insulating parts, support systems ...
  • Electrolysis, chemistry, machinery manufacturers, OEM, systems integrators ...

LINAË® • Solutions for the treatments of water

  • Linaë® Pure : production of drinkable water by purification of underground and surface water or desalinisation of sea and brackish water.
  • Linaë® Industry : decontamination of industrial waste water, production and recycling of process water