About us


Subsidiary of E.ITEC® GROUP, E.ITEC® INDIA POWER CONNECTION Ltd was created in 2011 in partnership with SAI WALLWIDES MKT PVT LTD. Both companies combine their know-how and many years of experience to establish a reliable and professional workshop in India.

The aim of E.ITEC® India Power Connection is to be close to the customers and to act immediately by means of solving on site problems related to high current systems. This is supported by more than 20 years experience in this business by E.ITEC® GROUP.

E.ITEC® India Power Connection is covering the south Asian market (See map of the sales area) and offer to the customers:

  • Design, sale and supply of the E.ITEC® GROUP products ranges:
    • ARC.ITEC™: power supply for electric furnaces
    • ITEC.BAR™: HV and LV power bus ducts, LV plug-in bus ducts and vertical risers
    • INDUS.ITEC™: specific electric connexions
    • LINAË®: drinkable water production and industrial water treatment
  • Inspection for preventive maintenance on site
  • Diagnostics
  • High current systems (water cooled cables, bus ducts, etc.) installation on site
  • Repairing and re-conditioning of old or damaged water cooled cables
  • After sales services
  • And a fast response to sales and/or technical inquiries ...