LV cast resin bus ducts

For demanding uses :

  • High index of protection up to IP 68
  • Rough ambient conditions (salin, corrosive, wet environment)
  • Small impedance
  • Important mechanical resistance
  • No maintenance required on encapsuled fish plating : no possible unbolting
  • The excellent heat distribution from the resin allows to realize busducts in IP 54 or higher without having to increase conductor's section with regard to an IP 31 insulated in the air.
  • The busbar can be installed in a vertical or horizontal way, on a flat way or on edge without derating intensity.
  • Accurate and tailor-made layout for each project with CAD drawings.

ITEC.BAR ™ GP concept uses conductor’s bars in copper or aluminium encapsuled in polymerized synthetic resin reinforced by mineral fibers.

Connections between elements are clamping made with 4 screws. They are then cast resin covered for busducts in IP 66 or 68 caps covered for busducts in IP55.